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Atlanta Fan Guide

Given that there are areas of the United States that are desperate for a local NASCAR race, does it make sense for NASCAR to be taking its product out of the country?

NASCAR is constantly on the lookout for ways to expand its reach. This is an exciting new marketing opportunity. NASCAR obviously feels that taking its show on the road outside of the United States is the secret to continuing growth.

The other side of this issue is that there are thousands of fans right here in the USA that are under-served by NASCAR's existing schedules. Shouldn't NASCAR focus on pleasing their existing fan base and attracting new American fans before they look internationally?
Latest Developments
In 2005 NASCAR held its first modern era points race outside of the United States when the Nationwide Series visited Mexico in early March. The road course at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez near Mexico City hosted the Nationwide Series drivers.

Was the race a success? That depends on what you consider a success. Certainly the NASCAR message was brought to a large number of potential new race fans. However, do the benefits outweigh the lost opportunity to serve NASCAR's fans here in America? There are a limited number of racing weekends available each year and that weekend spent in Mexico could have been spent somewhere in the US that doesn't have easy access to a race.

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